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    Backcountry Discovery Routes: Learning More about Southern California Paths

    this picture shows backcountry discovery route california paths

    Are you looking to choose the Southern California route for your biking trip? Here are some pertinent information that you need to learn about this particular path before taking on your journey.

    The Length of Southern California

    This particular route in Southern California spans at least 820 miles across the south-eastern region. If you want to commune with nature through biking, this is the best route to take because you will get to experience how it is to ride through dirt roads and rocky mountain paths.

    You will never go wrong if you choose this route because the length and gear that you would need alone would certainly provide you with a workout that your body and mind would appreciate. You will get to pass through the greatest preserves in the Mojave region. It will build your confidence regarding bike riding and exploration for sure.…